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Years after the death of my grandmother Anita, I inspected the old building where she and my grandfather Arnoldo worked all their lives as printers. Among offset machines, accounting notebooks and paper envelopes smelling of mothballs, I found thousands of photographs and hundreds of home movies. The images not only revealed their secret profession as amateur filmmakers, but also related a line of painful family tragedies that marked the destiny of their existence.

Mexico / 90min / 1:33 / Dobly 5.1 / 4k / 2022

In Spanish and German

Directed by Andrés Kaiser
Written by Andrés Kaiser
Produced by Nicole Maynard Pinto
Cinematography by Anita Schlittler, Arnoldo Kaiser
Edited by Lorenzo Mora Salazar
Production: Cine Feral

Cast: Anita Schlittler, Arnoldo Kaiser, Noldi, Willy, Ico, Anneli & Jennifer Kaiser.

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