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Rutas en Febrero

Roads in February


A film by Katherine Jerkovic

Canada / Uruguay, 2018, 82 min

Canada, Uruguay  / 84min / 16:9 / Dobly 5.1 / 2018

Written and Directed by Katherine Jerkovic

Produced by Nicolas Comeau (Productions1976) and Micaela Solé (Cordón Films)

Cinematography by Nicolas Canniccioni

Edited by Sophie Farkas Bolla

Sound by Pablo Villegas

Music by Inés Cánepa and David Drury



Arlen Aguayo Stewart - SARA

Gloria Demassi - MAGDA
Mathías Perdigón - TINCHO
Cecila Baranda - OLGA

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World Premiere - Contemporary World Cinema

Still mourning the death of her father, Sarah travels from Montreal to a sleepy village in rural Uruguay to visit her paternal grandmother, Magda. Over a decade ago, Sarah and her parents left Uruguay and never returned. But as soon as Sarah arrives, a quiet unease forms. Magda doesn’t understand why her son never returned to see her and must now live with the fact that he never will. The tension comes as a surprise to Sarah, who must face the distance between herself, her family, and her country of origin in addition to her grief.
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