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Argentina / 48min / 2:35 /  Stereo / 2020

In Spanish

Directed by Juan Schnitman

Written by Juan Schnitman

Produced by Paolo Donizetti /
Juan Schnitman / Ryki Jaco

Cinematography by Soledad Rodriguez

Edited by Juan Schnitman / Daniel
Casabé / Andrés P. Estrada

Sound Design by Emiliano Biaiñ / Marcos Zoppi

Production: Los Salvajes Cine

It’s the first day of shooting a low-budget independent film. Juan, the director, tries to shoot a sex scene with Malena and Julián, two inexperienced young actors. But he also secretly keeps the camera running in between takes, in an attempt to capture brief moments of intimacy. Hours go by and the scene doesn’t seem to come out right. Weariness, repetition, and communication problems pile up as Juan tries to convince the actress to show more of her body. Violence will emerge as the shooting crumbles.
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