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Os Primeiros Soldados

The First Fallen

At the turn of 1983 in a small Brazilian town, a group of LGBTQIA+ men and women celebrate the New Year with no idea of the approaching. The biologist Suzano knows something terrible is disrupting his body. Uncertain of his future and desperate at the lack of information, Suzano reaches out to transsexual artist Rose and videomaker Humberto, both equally ill. Together they'll try to survive the first wave of the AIDS epidemic.

Brazil / 107min / 1:66 / Dobly 5.1 / 2k / 2021

In Portuguese

Directed by Rodrigo de Oliveira
Written by Rodrigo de Oliveira
Produced by Vitor Graize
Cinematography by Lucas Barbi
Edited by Rodrigo de Oliveira
Production: Pique-Bandeira Filmes

Cast: Johnny Massaro, Renata Carvalho, Vitor Camilo, Clara Choveaux, Alex Bonini,
Higor Campagnaro.

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