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Nudo Mixteco

Mexico / 91min /2:39 / Dobly 5.1 / 2k / 2021

In Spanish ​and Mixteco

Directed by  Ángeles Cruz

Written by Ángeles Cruz

Produced by Lucía Carreras, Lola Ovando, Ángeles Cruz

Cinematography by Carlos Correa

Edited by Miguel Salgado

Music by Rubén Luengas

Production Company: Madrecine

Three stories that intertwine during the patron saint’s celebration in, a village of the Mixtec Oaxaca. María buries her mother, her father rejects her and, in uncertainty, she proposes to Piedad, her childhood love, to leave with her. Esteban returns after three years to discover that Chabela, his wife, is living with another man; enraged he calls the village people to prosecute her in an assembly. Toña relives her own pain in the face of the abuse of her daughter when she returns to confront her family to protect her.

“A quietly powerful triptych of stories that speak about the plight of indigenous women… (Ángeles) Cruz’s compassionate and skillful storytelling, assisted by strong performances, results in a lighter, engaging alternative to the often hardcore Mexican approach to drama.”

Screen International

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