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Argentina / 70min / 1:77 / Dobly 5.1 / 2k / 2023

In Spanish and English

Directed by Clara Cullen
Written by Clara Cullen
Produced by Helena Martel Seward, Clara Cullen, Julia Solomonoff
Cinematography by: Gillian Garcia

Edited by Valeria Racioppi, Lauren Cabanas
Production: International Argentin
Cast: Barbara Lombardo, Alma Farago, Sophie Buhai

Manuela, a Latin American immigrant, walks through the empty streets of Los Angeles, scouring the area for work. Manuela arrives at a job interview at a large house in an affluent neighborhood. She’s greeted by a cold businesswoman looking for a nanny for her daughter, Alma. After getting the job, Manuela meets Alma, who is initially resistant to her. Alma’s mother, Ellen, is never around. She occasionally talks to them through the security camera. While Ellen is gone on a business trip, Manuela and Alma swim in the pool, clean the house, and form a maternal bond.The days go by, and they still haven’t heard from Ellen. Manuela takes on more and more of a motherly role, even wearing Ellen's clothes. One day, she learns that her entire world as she knows it has just changed and she must make a huge decision.

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