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After receiving the news of the death of her mother, Magali returns to the small town where she grew up in the North of Argentina. There she finds her 10 year old son and a close community in which old traditions still make sense. A puma surrounds the town and appears in Magali’s dreams. The animal is eating all the cattle and the town chooses Magali and her son to perform a ritual to guide the animal back to its world.

Argentina / 81min / 2:39 / Dobly 5.1 / 2k / 2019

In Spanish

Directed by Juan Pablo di Bitonto

Written by Daniela Seggiaro, Juan Pablo Di Bitonto

Produced by Juan Pablo di Bitonto and Sandra Gugliotta

Cinematography by Lucio Bonelli (ADF)

Edited by Cristina Carrascao Hernández (EDA) and Juan Pablo Di Bitonto

Production Company: Ojo Blindado and Carbono Films

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