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In search of a better life, Max and Leo, are taken by the their mother, Lucia, from Mexico to Albuquerque in the United States. While waiting for her to return from work, the kids listen to tales, rules of conduct and English lessons recorded by Lucia on an old tape recorder. They also build an imaginary universe with their drawings and dream about mom’s promise of going to Disneyland.

Mexico / 94min / 2:39 / Dobly 5.1 / 4k / 2019

In Spanish, English and Cantonese

Directed by Samuel Kishi Leopo

Written by Samuel Kishi Leopo, Sofía Gómez Córdova, José Luis Briones

Produced by Leticia Carrillo Silva, Inna Payán Stuopignan

Cinematography by Octavio Arauz

Edited by Yordi Capó, Carlos Espinoza Benítez, Samuel Kishi Leopo

Sound Design by Mario Martínez Cobos

Production: Animal de Luz Films

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