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Las Vacaciones de Hilda

Hilda´s Short Summer

Hilda, a lonely woman living in the town of Conception, Uruguay, intentionally shatters any kind of emotional bond with the people around her. As her eldest son announces a visit, she hurries to improve her house and her own appearance, but a last-minute cancellation of the visit pushes her into a tailspin, reliving a bitter summer holiday from long ago.

Uruguay, Brazil / 88min / 2:39 / Dobly 5.1 / 2k / 2021

In Spanish

Directed by Agustin Banchero
Written by Agustin Banchero
Produced by Virginia Bogliolo
Cinematography by Lucas Cilintano
Edited by Juan Alvarez Neme, Karen Akerman
Production: Tarkiofilm

Cast: Carla Moscatelli, Edgardo Castro, Gabriel Villanueva, Bruno Coszión, Vicentino Marrocc,
Fernando Rodríguez Compare.

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