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In a conservative and swampy Brazil, a birthday party is held at a fatherless home. Joana, the birthday girl, wants to get her period soon. Her brother, Dudu, wants his father home. When teenager Verbena arrives unannounced, all the wishes can come true. But not without some pain.

Brazil / 24min / 1:33 / Dobly 5.1 / 4k / 2023

In Portuguese

Directed by Laís Santos Araújo
Written by Laís Santos Araújo
Produced by Pedro Krull
Cinematography by: Wilssa Esser

Edited by Laís Santos Araújo
Production: Aguda Cinema
Cast: Ane Olivia, Ana Luiza Ferreira, Karolayne Rayssa, Francisco Nunes

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