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Estación Catorce

Seven year-old Luis is shaken up, he witnesses his neighbors murder and the indifference of the townspeople. His neighbors house is ransacked by the villagers, including his father, who makes off with a couch.  Father and son begin a symbolic journey with no return. They will try to sell their plunder in another town. The path is long, they must cross through a mountain on a bike, pushing the couch along on a cart.  Luis witnesses his father’s limits and his defeat. In a few days, the boy is faced with the mystery of death, the fragility of the adult world and the rules of masculinity in his rough world. Everything happens between games. It is the pain of growing while life remains unshakable.

Mexico / 88min / 1:33 / Dobly 5.1 / 2k / 2022

In Spanish

Directed by Diana Cardozo
Written by Diana Cardozo
Produced by Martín Boege, Diana Cardozo
Cinematography by Martín Boege
Edited by Mariana Rodriguez
Production: Agalma SA

Cast: Gael Vázquez Arriaga, José Antonio Becerril, Yoshira Escárrega, Lourdes Elizarrás.

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