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Encuentro_Arcelia y Lulu.tif
Arcelia and Lulu have been together and away from their families for many decades. Now that they are old, they only depend on each other and no one else. In another part of the city, Julian struggles to explore his identity while living under the umbrella of his conservative mother and macho minded grandfather. A sudden event will draw an unexpected path between Arcelia and the young Julian.

Mexico / 18min / 1:85 / Dobly 5.1 / 4k / 2019

In Spanish

Directed by Ivan Löwenberg

Written by Ivan Löwenberg

Produced by Ivan Löwenberg, Nael Gharzeddine, 

Ricardo Goria

Cinematography by Rodrigo Sandoval Vega Gil

Edited by Miguel Lavandeira

Sound Design by Iván Ramos, Pablo Tamez Sierra

Production: Diaspora Films



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