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This is Cristina

Chile / 82min / 1:77 / Dobly 5.1 / 2k / 2019

In Spanish

Directed by Gonzalo Maza

Written by Gonzalo Maza

Produced by Salma Hayek, José Tamez, Siobhan Flynn

Cinematography by Benjamin Echazarreta

Edited by Andrea Chignoli

Production Company: Primate Lab

Cristina and Susana are best friends since high school. But now, when they are already over 30 years-old, they are receiving a wake-up call. Cristina just divorced and she is not prepared for her new spinsterhood; Susana is returning to live again in her mother's house. Because of a fight, they take distance of each other and now both, separated, will have to deal with a long list of selfish, self-centered and egotistical men around them.
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