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El Año del Radio

The Year of The Radio

Mexico in the 90s. Alex, a 7 years old boy and his little siblings are left in the care of senile Aunt Lola while their mother works as a host on a radio station. Alex misses his mother and along with his siblings, they listen to his mother’s show every night, building strange imaginary worlds through the stories they hear, the news, the radio soap operas and the religious influence of his great-aunt.

Mexico / Animation / 8min / 1:85 / Dobly 5.1 / 2k / 2022

In Spanish

Directed by Samuel Kishi Leopo
Written by Samuel Kishi Leopo
Music by Kenji Kishi Leopo
Animation by Edgar Amor Ramírez
Production Design: Roberto Rodríguez Miller

Edited by Samuel Kishi Leopo
Production: Cebolla Filmes

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