El Actor Principal

Leading Actor

Mexico / 75min / 1:85 / Dobly 5.1 / 2k / 2020

In Spanish and English

Directed by Paula Markovitch

Written by Paula Markovitch

Produced by Izrael Moreno

Cinematography by Bruno Santamaría

Edited by Andrea Rabasa

 Music by Sergio Gurrola

Production: Altamira Filmes

Luis, of 24 years old, lives in Iztapalapa and he finds traveling to Berlin. By chance has been selected like actor of a art film and he is going to asist to the International premier of his movie. When he arrives to Berlin Luis meet Azra, an Albanian washer woman with a mysterious scar. Luis prefers no to go to the great presentation to stay with her. Between them and intense friendship arises, that take them to unveil strange secrets.