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Diz a Ela Que Me Viu Chorar

Brasil / 82min / 16:9 / Dobly 5.1 / 4k / 2019


Directed and written by Maíra Bühler

Produced by Beatriz Carvalho, Rafael Sampaio

Cinematography by Léo Bittencourt

Edited by Alexandre Leco Wahrhaftig

Sound Design by Daniel Turini, Fernando Henna and Henrique Chiurciu

Production: Klaxon Cultural Audiovisual

Fichier 40.png
Downtown São Paulo, Brazil. An Apartment Building: 7 floors, 28 rooms, 107 residents who all have in common the addiction to crack, and often, the color of their skin. Over the course of several months, life in a social housing - part of a city hall “damage reduction” program about to be extinguished - is revealed. Characters on a hallucinated hunt for bonding and fighting passionately for life can be seen as the camera drifts through hallways, rooms, elevators, stairs; day and night. In this claustrophobic place, anything can happen.
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