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A film by Gustavo Pizzi

Brazil, 2009, 85 minutes

RIO Film Festival - Best Actress

Director's note:
Small details may change everything in careers where talent and success are indispensable. "Craft" is about everyone that longs to live with dignity and, exclusively, from the work they chose and love. People who conscientiously choose a path where reaching the goals is an endless day to day struggle to excel and break the barriers in the way. This is not an easy path. Working hard, studying, getting better every day is sometimes not enough. "Craft" emerged from the desire to say something: What's the importance of luck in life? How much effort and talent is enough to guarantee a solid carrier? Is luck part of the craft?

The term craft here relates to work, and Bianca, our "hero", knows her craft. She is a somewhat young and very talented actor whose career hasn't happened yet. So in order to make a living, she has to do small acting jobs and other kinds of gigs young actors do. The script was written by the actress Karine Teles (who plays Bianca) and myself. Karine is my wife and has been a theater actor for 16 years, many of which I shared with her. Her anguishes, her triumphs, and especially her fears. We worked for several months to transform our ideas into picture and sound" --- Gustavo Pizzi

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