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Brazil / 73min / 1:85 / Dobly 5.1 / 2k / 2017

In Portuguese

Directed by Heloisa Passos
Written by Leticia Simões, Stefanie Kremser and Heloisa Passos
Produced by Tina Hardy and Heloisa Passos
Cinematography by Heloisa Passos
Edited by Tina Hardy and Isabela Monteiro de Castro
Music by BiD and Beto Ferraz
Production: Maquina Filmes

Trailer coming soon

Building Bridges is a film that pursues a possible relationship between Heloisa, the filmmaker, and her father, an engineer who had his moment of glory during the Brazilian military dictatorship. Projections and maps become the first bridges to connect with the past. However, it is the inescapable present that really strikes Heloisa and Alvaro as they position themselves on opposite sides of the troubling political situation of Brazil.

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