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Brasil / 110min / 16:9 / Dobly 5.1 / 2019 / 4k

Directed by Camila Freitas

Screenplay by Camila Freitas, Marina Meliande

Executive Producers Douglas Duarte, Leonardo Feliciano

Produced by Leonardo Feliciano, Camila Machado, Francisco Craesmeyer

Cinematography by Camila Freitas, Cris Lyra, Ana Carolina Matias

Edited by Fred Benevides, Marina Meliande

Sound by Camila Machado, Olívia Hernández

Music by Celio Barros, Michelle Agnes Magalhães

Since 2015, the Landless Workers Movement has been occupying an indebted sugarcane factory’s land to press for its redistribution through land reform. Grandma, P.C. and their encamped fellows struggle to conquer a small share of land where they can settle down and live a self-sustainable life, growing agro-ecological crops in a newly knit peasant community they draw in their dreams.
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